Corporate Movie DJI

There are several corporate movies about the Custodial Institutions Agency. You can watch those movies below.

This is DJI

The Netherlands has been locking up people as a form of punishment for quite some time. The Custodial Institutions Agency (in Dutch: Dienst Justitiƫle Inrichtingen, DJI), carries out this task on behalf of the Ministry of Security and Justice.
The punishments and measures handed down by the judge are enforced by well-trained and motivated personnel. This makes DJI the specialist in detention. A large organisation that employs approximately 14,000 people.

DJI contributes to the safety of every one of us, by enforcing punishments and measures handed down by the judge.

Watch the corporate film below or on Youtube.

Immigration detention in the Netherlands

The video 'Immigration detention in the Netherlands' shows how immigration detention works in The Netherlands. The video also gives answers to questions such as who is being held in immigration detention, why and where and for how long. It also explains the proces of departure from the Netherlands. The video was filmed in detention centres in Rotterdam, Zeist and Schiphol.

Movie of the Centre for Transcultural Psychiatry

This video about the Centre for Transcultural Psychiatry Veldzicht shows how patients with complex psychiatric problems are treated through a transcultural approach.