The Custodial Institutions Agency (DJI) is the detention specialist in the Netherlands. DJI would like to show how they incarcerate their detainees and how they are treated. Therefore, DJI regularly co-operates with different media outlets.

Co-operation with the media

Do you work for the media and would you like to co-operate with DJI on a media production? Then please answer the five questions below:

  • Which media do you work for?
  • What kind of production would you like to make?
  • When would you like to make the production and in what form would you like to co-operate?
  • Which location do you want to visit and why?
  • What is your proposed itinerary?

Please send your application citing 'Media request' by e-mail to

Other questions and requests should be sent to

Only complete media requests will be considered. We aim to respond within five working days.


Our institutions do not serve as a film set. Any request will be rejected, even if the location is empty.

  • Interviews with detainees related to the offense or the trial are not permitted.
  • In order to respect the the privacy of detainees and to protect victims it is not allowed to discuss the offence or mention specific details regarding criminal offences.
  • It is not allowed to take photos or make films in which the detainees could be recognised.
  • An overnight stay in an institution is not allowed.
  • The DJI requests that the production is benificial to our organization’s goals.

Press officers

If you would like to get in touch with the press office of the Ministry of Justice and Security, please contact one of the press officers:

Prison administration and DV&O

Charlotte Hees
Tel: 06 50 15 71 03
E-mail: c.j.hees@minjenv.nlz

Absent: Wednesday

Forensic care, Correctional institutions for juvenile offenders, NIFP

Daniel van Dam
Mobile: 06 52 79 93 66

Absent: Thursday

Immigration detention

Alrik van Loon
Tel: 06 21 23 58 06

Regional spokespersons

For questions about a specific location, see contact details below. Outside office hours there is a regional spokesperson available on telephone number 088 07 26 280.

René Hut

Mobile: 06 52 75 36 09

Institutions region north-east: PI Achterhoek, PI Almelo, PI Leeuwarden, PI Ter Apel, PI Veenhuizen, PI Zwolle, Center for Transcultural Psychiatry Veldzicht

Christa Lemmen

Mobile: 06 21 44 74 37

Absent: Friday

Institutions south region: PI Vught, PI Grave, PI Arnhem, PI Middelburg, PI South-East (Ter Peel, Roermond) and PI Sittard

Michael de Hoogh

Mobile: 06 25 24 80 35

Absent: Wednesday (odd weeks) or Friday (even weeks)

  • Institutions in the central region: PI Lelystad, PI Krimpen aan den IJssel, PI Nieuwegein, PI Nieuwersluis, PI Rotterdam (De Schie and Hoogvliet)
  • Immigration detention: Detention Center Rotterdam, Judical Complex Zeist en Judical Complex Schiphol
  • Juvenile Detention Center: RJJI De Hartelborgt Spijkenisse, RJJI Den Hey-Acker Breda, RJJI De Hunnerberg Nijmegen, RJJI Horsterveen Evertsoord

Shireen Habiballah

Mobile: 06 21 36 08 19

Absent: Wednesday (even weeks) or Friday (odd weeks)

Institutions in the west region: PI Heerhugowaard, JC Zaanstad, PI Alphen aan den Rijn, PI Haaglanden, PI Dordrecht

Julia Rademaker

Mobile: 06 15 22 99 18

Absent: Wednesday

  • Media team coordinator

Outside office hours

Outside office hours a regional spokesperson is available on telephone number 088 07 26 280. This number can only be used for urgent matters outside office hours.
Please note: if you are not immediately answered on this number leave your name and telephone number on the voicemail. You will be called back as soon as possible.